The Zelma Foundation for Women’s Mental Wellness

It is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization which provides free coaching for women batting depression, anxiety, and/or other emotional challenges.

Through our coaching, we provide a safe space for clients to share their experience(s), while receiving tools to regain their self-confidence, inner strength, and eventually obtain the professional mental health needed (via referrals) that is vital towards recovering from these debilitating illnesses.

Here at The Zelma Foundation, we want our clients to understand and know that they are not alone.

If you are currently suffering from depression and/or anxiety or are struggling emotionally, please know that regardless of what anxiety and/or depression tells you, you are not alone!

Your life IS very much worth living, and this world needs you.

We will get you started on the path toward gaining your life back and working towards your goals and dreams.

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About The Founder

Vanessa Harrill, Founder of The Zelma Foundation for Women’s Mental Wellness, is on a mission to enlighten the World on the devastations of depression by sharing her story (see videos link on the home page) and that of her sister Zelma, for whom this organization commemorates.

Having experienced depression firsthand, Vanessa coaches clients who are battling depression, anxiety, or often both. Through coaching, clients learn ways to heal from the inside out, and gain the confidence needed to seek professional, mental help, which is a vital step towards recovery.